an internet marketing agency that has gained the trust of well-known brands, and take advantage of our experience

Almost 20 years

of experience in digital marketing. We’ve helped many companies achieve success online


web development – modern websites, marketing campaigns, SEO, PPC, social media and paid social, content marketing, lead generation

TBMS - Your Digital Marketing Agency



Comprehensive B2B and B2C marketing campaigns


We launch modern websites We offer effective landing pages, company e-business cards, online shops and technologically advanced portals

Advertising campaigns

We conduct effective marketing campaigns, including non-standard ones, which match the client’s budget and are aimed at increasing sales or creating image


With Google we acquire users who convert to the client’s business targets. We optimise clients’ websites. We carry out actions aimed at removing penalties applied by web browsers.


Pay Per Click! We prepare, conduct and optimise advertising campaigns in Google Ads (search, GDN) and on social media (incl. Facebook Ads, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn). Also programmatic buying

Social Media

We run profiles on social media (incl. on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter andLinkedIn), we integrate them with other promotional channels, including social paid ad campaigns

Content Marketing

We prepare White Papers (ebooks), articles, interviews, bulletins, video, photographs. Our team consists of experienced journalists, filmmakers, graphic artists and photographers who prepare the kind of native text that readers are looking for

Lead Generation

We were one of the first in Poland to sell products and services online. Today we acquire the most valuable B2B and B2C leads, even in the most difficult industries such as IT


We are happy to share the knowledge we have acquired over 15 years of work in the media. We organise dedicated training for managers and their teams responsible for individual business areas



Famous brands have put their trust in us. We’ll promote your company too. Take advantage of our experience


We help acquire new business partners


Reach new clients with us and increase your revenues


We also offer marketing for the public sector



About us

We specialise in online marketing


Tomasz Bonek and Marta Smaga
- the TBMS marketing agency is managed by the co-authors of the largest portals’ successes


SEO, PPC, for programmatic buying, display ads and social media.
Journalists, graphic artists, filmmakers and photojournalists. Experienced creative department



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TBMS Sp. z o.o.

Address for correspondence:

ul. Ofiar Oświęcimskich 19 / 401 (4th floor)
50-069 Wrocław

tel.: +48 579 072 486

Company registered
in Wrocław, post code 50-302,
at ul. Jedności Narodowej 152/177,
by the District Court in Wrocław 4th Commercial Division as number

KRS: 0000563373
Tax ID NIP: 898 22 122 96

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